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Let professionals check your backlinks

Are you looking for a reliable partner who will check your link profile? Rely on our expert team! Our experienced employees are at your side in all questions relating to link marketing. With a detailed and professional backlink check, we get an overview of your current link profile. Based on this profile, we can develop a link marketing strategy that is individually tailored to your website and initiate appropriate measures. Of course, all marketing solutions used will be coordinated with you. You will receive monthly reports from us and access to the ranking tool. Benefit from the many years of experience of our online marketing experts and their great expertise in the field of “link marketing”.

How you can improve the backlink profile of your site with a backlink check

Backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. The number and quality of the links can have a significant impact on the placement of your page in the SERPs. As part of off-page optimization, it is crucial to precisely analyze the existing link profile. Based on this backlink analysis, appropriate link marketing measures can be developed that help your website to a better position in the search engines and thus also to increase visitor numbers. The backlink check is the basis for your off-page strategy. Let professionals help you with the link check. Our experienced link marketing team takes a close look at your link profile and analyzes the effect of your backlinks on the search engine positioning of your site.

Would you like to find out more about your existing backlinks and have developed an individual strategy on the basis of them?

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When does a backlink check make sense?

It is always important to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your left profile because this is the only way to eliminate errors and identify potential. In a specific case, backlink analysis is always recommended:

  • If you want to compare your link profile with the profiles of your competitors
  • If you have received a penalty from Google and want to search for anomalies in your link profile
  • If your ranking does not move up despite good content

What happens with a backlink analysis?

The backlink analysis is an important tool to find weak points in your link profile. Because not every link has a positive effect on your website ranking. The ultimate goal is therefore to use the link analysis to identify harmful links.

Of course, the number of links is also checked during the backlink analysis. It is not only important to know how many backlinks your site has received, but also which and how many domains these links come from. The higher the number and the more trustworthy the domains, the better. It also looks at the types of links (e.g. social links, links from blog posts, spam links, purchased links, redirect links, follow and no-follow links) and how they relate to your link profile and ultimately also affect the ranking. What do the anchor texts of the backlinks look like? How often are there links to your homepage and how often to your subpages? All these aspects and much more are examined in a professional backlink analysis.