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Competitor Backlink Analysis

Use the knowledge of your competitors and strengthen the backlink profile of your website

For systematic link building, it is not only crucial to examine your links. It is just as important to know the competitors and their backlinks and to stand out from them. Competitor analysis is the ideal way to get valuable information about your industry. Our experienced team will help you analyze your competitors and their backlinks and use the information obtained to develop your own, better strategies. Professional competitor analysis is the first step in building on the success of the competition.

What are the advantages of analyzing competitor links?

  • Competitor link profiles provide valuable information about the industry.
  • You can get inspiration from the link structures of your competitors and develop your ideas.
  • By recreating certain link structures, the strength and trust of the competitor links are passed on to your customers.
  • Identified errors by competitors can be avoided in your campaigns.
  • The list of the linking websites of competing marketing campaigns can also be used for your content seeding.

Collecting, analyzing and evaluating data – procedure for a competitor analysis

Before the data of the competition can be collected and important information derived from the data analysis, the competitors must first be identified. You should proceed as systematically as possible and work through all the individual steps one after the other:

  1. Identify competitors:  First, all important competitors are listed. This includes not only direct and indirect competitors, but also other influencers in the industry and companies with which you are not in competition, but who ranks with the desired keywords.
  2. Collect data:  With the help of various tools, the backlinks of competitors, influencers, and non-industry, ranking websites can be determined. Large amounts of data are then processed with sorting functions and sorted according to the strongest links.
  3. Evaluate data and derive strategies from the competition:  The list that has been drawn up is now examined manually. The backlinks can often be used to derive the marketing strategies and goals of the competitors.
  4. Recreate successful link structures:  If high-quality competitor links are discovered on pages to which you are not yet linked, it is worth thinking about recreating them. Especially if the websites are thematically relevant for your online presence.

Would you like to know where your competitors stand and stand out from them?

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Competitor analysis by professionals

Let professionals support you in your competitor analysis! As an experienced and professional link marketing agency, it is not our aim to simply copy the strategies of your competitors. Rather, we want to analyze and optimize the marketing measures implemented by your competitors and apply the knowledge gained to your company. Do you want to be better than your competitors? Our online marketing experts will help you to track down other topic-relevant websites that have not yet received attention from your competitors, to generate valuable links there.

Learn from the mistakes of the competition

But not only a close look at successful marketing campaigns of competitors can be worthwhile for you. Marketing measures on the part of competitors who only produced a few links can also be very interesting.  Possible errors and risks can be better assessed and avoided from the outset in your campaigns. You can learn from mistakes – and if it’s not your own, all the better. This makes it possible to develop more elaborate strategies.