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Help with Google Penalty

We support you in recognizing a Google penalty and taking appropriate measures

A Google penalty is a sanction for websites that have not adhered to the webmaster guidelines of the search engine giant or have violated them massively. Regardless of whether it is an algorithmic or manual punishment – Google penalties can have significant consequences, such as a loss of ranking, a loss of visibility, and, ultimately, a drop in sales. Google penalties are not without reason. To be able to react correctly to the penalty, it is therefore always important to determine the causes of the penalty. Do you need help dealing with the Google Penalty? Our experts get to the bottom of the causes of your Google penalty and take all necessary countermeasures. Rely on the know-how and many years of experience of our SEO specialists.

How We Can Help You With a Penalty!

Regardless of whether it is an algorithmic or manual punishment –  in the event of a Google penalty it is urgently necessary to initiate appropriate countermeasures .
If the website loses visibility in the course of an update, a clear analysis and an on-page or off-page optimization is required.
In the case of a manual penalty by Google, a period is set depending on the scope and severity of the violation. After the time has elapsed, the penalty expires automatically. The webmaster is informed about the penalty in the webmaster tools and can take appropriate steps to lift the penalty early. For this purpose, a reconsideration request must be sent to Google after the domain content has been revised.

Has your website been penalized? Our online marketing experts determine the causes of your Google penalty and, in close cooperation with you, develop countermeasures that help to minimize negative effects and prevent new penalties.

Would you like to benefit from individually tailored SEO measures and improve the visibility of your website in the Google results pages?

Reasons for a Google Penalty

If a website is penalized, it has violated Google’s webmaster guidelines. But what does that mean in concrete terms? Why is there a Google Penalty? Causes that lead to a penalty usually concern the link profile, the content, or the keywords of the website.

  • Links: The page may have too many spam links, purchased links, traded links, hidden links, broken links. Too many identical anchor texts, too fast link growth, or links from inferior websites can also lead to a penalty.
  • Content: High-quality content is the be-all and end-all. Anyone who fills their page with inferior content and duplicate content or does content spinning risks a penalty.
  • Keywords: Websites that are targeted by Google often have to do with keyword stuffing. The inclusion of keywords as hidden text that have nothing to do with the content of the page increases the risk of Google penalties.

The types of Google penalties

The detailed effects that can be expected in the course of a Google penalty depend on the type of penalty. First of all, a distinction is made between algorithmic and manual penalties.

  • Algorithmic penalty: This is a penalty automatically assigned by a Google algorithm. Google algorithms such as the Penguin or Panda update are used as filters to uncover unnatural patterns and manipulations on websites. A violation will result in a devaluation of the website.
  • Manual Penalty: This type of penalty takes place through manual intervention by a Google employee. If a website is suspected of violating the webmaster’s instep lines, it will be checked manually by Google employees.

Depending on the violation, the penalty can only affect certain keywords or sub-pages. However, it can also happen that the ranking of an entire domain deteriorates. In the worst case, Google penalizes the page by excluding it from the Google index.