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How do you recognize professional SEO services?

What is a professional SEO service?

SEO is complex. SEO is a process. SEO is a craft. We SEOs are not magicians, but systematic people who aim for a better user experience with their own website through optimizations in the areas of OnPage SEOOffPage SEO, and technical SEO.

Manipulative measures worked a few years ago. Today the mixture of marketing and technical know-how makes the success of professional SEO services. In this blog post, we would like to go into SEO services and show you which factors you can use to identify professional SEO. Here we go!

SEO services: The SEO optimization fields

Readers of my blog will know: Search engine optimization is made up of three optimization fields to be forced, which together determine the success of SEO :

OnPage SEO (metadata, internal linking, content structure)
OffPage SEO (backlink profile, building new backlinks)
technical SEO (PageSpeed, internal linking, crawlability, accessibility)

Measures in all three SEO areas are aimed at a better user experience, which ideally results in an improvement in the conversion rate and an increase in sales via the website. This means that SEO is of strategic importance for the online marketing mix. But here the question arises: Where do you start with SEO and what does the ongoing process of professional SEO support look like?

SEO Services: The Optimization Process

At the beginning there is always an analysis of the current situation – this is also the case with search engine optimization. The SEO analysis forms the foundation of search engine optimization and the findings from the SEO analysis define the SEO strategy.

Thus, the SEO analysis is the basis of every SEO service, because only with a sufficiently well-founded analysis can potentials on your own side and weaknesses on the side of the competitor be identified.

After the analysis has been carried out, the SEO strategy is defined. The SEO strategy defines the goals that should be achieved with the website and is the cornerstone for the SEO action plan, which sets the optimization tasks in a time horizon.

As part of ongoing SEO support, the following tasks fall into the optimization process of the SEO service :

+ ongoing SEO controlling (which rankings are filled and how?)
+ ongoing OnPage SEO (create website hygiene)
+ ongoing accessibility checks (are all important pages documents accessible to the search engine bot?)
+ optimization of the content (topic research + content restoration)
+ Usability tests & ongoing optimization
+ Analysis of the backlink structures
+ Control of internal linking
+ …

Professional SEO services by an agency are particularly characterized by structured work and, above all, transparency. Responsible SEOs refer to Whitehat SEO and adhere to Google’s guidelines for website operators.

Success factors of a professional SEO service

Communication between the SEO agency and the marketing department is crucial. Only with an understanding of the product does the SEO agency develop an understanding of the target groups and search behavior, as well as the associated search intentions behind the search query.

A clear SEO objective gives the SEO service the necessary focus and contributes to the fact that work can be carried out on the achievement of objectives in a structured manner. The transfer of knowledge from the SEO agency to the marketing department is also crucial for success. At least the basics should be clearly communicated and conveyed here so that a basic understanding arises on both sides.

Conclusion on SEO services

Various agencies offer SEO services. Whether a specialized SEM agency or advertising agency for print media: SEO services are often offered, but it is difficult for website operators to see whether there is really well-founded know-how behind them.

The quality of SEO services is the basis for your company’s success on the Internet.

My tip: ask sufficient questions about the process and the procedure. You can quickly see whether there are structures here that contribute to successfully achieving good search engine rankings.