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Link marketing

Why link marketing?

Because a shop doesn’t work without recommendations! Get the recommendations online and build your backlink profile. Links are still one of the most important ranking factors for Google!

Your advantages:

  • Presence  on relevant platforms
  • No bulk links, no spam links
  • Traffic through target group-specific links
  • Time savings  through outsourcing complex research work
  • Protection against harmful links  and  increased visibility

What do we offer

  • personal link builder  with a feel for your target group
  • own database with high-quality backlink sources
  • Linking in an editorial environment
  • own macro  for effective link monitoring
  • broad database  through the use of various, market-leading tools

A natural link profile is a cornerstone for sustainable link building. Any reference to unnatural links can lead to a penalty.

Hamza – link marketing

Off-page marketing often flies under the radar, but it’s just as important as any other area. If, for example, negative SEO in the Google ranking decreases, Offpage can recognize these measures and counteract them.

Natasha – link marketing

Less is sometimes more – this also applies when building new backlinks. The focus should be on high-quality links from relevant and trustworthy sites with good visibility.

Sarah – link marketing

Our offpage & link marketing services at a glance

Backlink analysis

Detailed backlink analyzes help us to develop a link marketing strategy that is individually tailored to your website.

Google Penalty

We will help you to identify and eliminate the causes of Google Penalties. Together with you, we will design preventive protection against impending penalties.

Link removal

By removing links, we clean up the backlink profile of your website and lay the foundation for the natural creation of new, high-quality links.

Competitor Analysis

We collect and use the knowledge of your competitors in the market and thus strengthen your backlink profile! We identify valuable link sources and help you to use them in a targeted manner.

Off-page optimization

With the right off-page optimization, your target group will find you faster and more sustainably! More traffic via Google, & Bing!

Would you like to optimize your link profile and sustainably strengthen your position on Google?

Then ask us for a free & non-binding link marketing offer right away!

What are the advantages of link marketing?

An individual and targeted link marketing strategy help you to set up new links for your page. With professional link marketing measures, you can increase the attention of new users and potential customers because you address your desired target group directly. In addition, you strengthen the ranking of your site. In concrete terms, this means for you:

  • Increase the visibility of your website.
  • Increase your level of awareness.
  • Increase in visitor numbers.
  • Increase in sales.

Link marketing as part of off-page search engine optimization

All measures that help to generate new links are summarized under the section “Link Marketing”. If possible, these should be set by the users themselves, because only organic links are real, sustainable, and of high quality. The aim is therefore to encourage users to link. How does it work? With the provision of good content. Helpful, useful, and original information about your product or service generates organic backlinks for your website. Another way to generate new links is to publish good content on thematically appropriate blogs, newspapers, and magazines.

But not every link is good for the link profile and the ranking of your website. Links that had a positive effect on the ranking years ago can be very damaging today. The aim of link marketing is not only to generate new links but also to detect and remove existing, harmful backlinks.

Improve the link profile of your website with professional link marketing

The backlink profile is the most important external factor when it comes to evaluating a website and placing it in the search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, your page’s link profile is the backbone of your ranking. Accordingly, it should be maintained regularly and sustainably. With a clean link profile, you can not only improve your ranking on Google & Bing. but also increase the visibility of your site, increase the number of visitors and place your website in a high-quality environment. Our experienced link marketing experts will help you achieve your marketing goals.

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