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Can SEO Company increase local traffic coming from Jordan?

Increasing local traffic to the website can be obtained after optimizing the website for local search engines in Jordan, by optimizing the on-page and off-page aspects of the website, your website will start to rank higher in search engines like Google. Every time users in Jordan browse the internet and search for information, or, products, or services that your website provides for local users, there will be a big chance that they will click on your website from the available results, especially if you are on top 3 search results section, or feature snippet section results or people also ask section results, or Google my business section results. Again ranking on one of those types of google search section results will increase the chance for your website to have more organic traffic from Jordan and also other countries.

How long Does it take to rank high in Jordan’s local search results?

Ranking high on Google local search results can take between 3 to 12 months on average. It depends if you hire an experienced local SEO company like ours!

SEO Services Process, Types, and Benefits

Our SEO company in Jordan specialized in SEO marketing services (search engine optimization services). The services are represented by steps of the SEO process taken by SEO specialists.

The SEO services are the process of SEO implementation, we will explain all about the types of SEO services, quality services, and measurements, and the overall benefits of our marketing services for your website and business.

Components and Process of the SEO Services

SEO or search engine optimization is a process of enhancing the website pages to show up on the first page of search engines like Google. when searchers search for information that is relevant to the information provided by the enhanced website, the website could be found as one of the available search results for the typed keyword.

You should differentiate between SEO and SEM in which SEO is the process to increase the organic (non-paid) traffic that your website receives from search engines like Google, on the other-hand SEM stands for “Search engine marketing” and is the process of optimizing the paid ads (non-organic) to increase the number of visitors to your website from paid ads on search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing, ..etc.

The components & the process of the SEO services can be divided into three major phases:

1- SEO Research analysis & strategy phase.

2- On-Page SEO phase including technical and content optimization.

3- Off-Page SEO phase includes every task that takes a place outside the website to enhance and boost its overall ranking organically.

… let’s go deeper into each SEO phase!

3 Phases of SEO Process in Our Company

Components of The SEO Services

Phase 1 – SEO Research analysis & Strategic planning phase

Sadly this is the most abandoned SEO phase by most agencies because of the lack of research skills that most SEO experts now exist. Happily, we have an advanced research department for this “stand out from competitors” phase or formally the Research intelligence & analysis department.

So what is this phase about?..

– Research Analysis

Research and analysis are continuous, persistent, and endless process that takes effort to accomplish. It can be split into the following:

1- Market research analysis provides facts and statistics about any topic your website is about, it’s crucial and less common for other SEO agencies to have this because of its high cost and the required research skills. But knowing your target audience and the pain points that they have can turn your website into a million dinar business.

Solving problems and concerns your audience has are what brings up your website on top of all of your competitors and other copycats. That’s why it’s also called intelligent market research analysis.

Market Research anlysis - SEO phase 1

Market Research Analysis Process

2- Keyword research & competitors keywords analysis is a major step in SEO and can be easily conducted using many keyword tools out on the internet, but favorably we use the Google keyword planner tool, which is the most accurate keyword research tool on the internet, it’s owned by the giant Google.

Knowing the keywords used by your target audience and the search volume of each keyword is vital and can bring opportunities up and gaps down.

Keywords research - From SEO phase 1

Keyword research & competitor analysis Process

Next is SEO planning & strategy creation, it’s impossible to be accomplished before the keyword research task, if not then you are at a big chance of losing money, time, and success!

– Planning and strategy

SEO strategy is the process of gathering all pieces of information collected from the market research analysis part and the keyword analysis part respectively. SEO managers are responsible for planning and creating SEO strategies that have the objective of building a successful and profitable website on the internet. The general objectives of an SEO strategy are:

  • Building high authority and trustful website in the eyes of all online users who search for your website topic on Google.
  • Driving targeted organic traffic based on the keywords selected previously.
  • Finding new opportunities, for example, new market opportunities for your online business expansion and reaching out to new prospects in new cities or countries, this example explains the basic 2 important terms of local SEO and global SEO.
SEO Planning and startegy - From SEO Phase 1

Building Your SEO Strategy Process

Phase 2 – On-Page SEO

On-page means (on the website pages), It’s all actions that alter and edits the website components that are considered on-page SEO. whether the website’s technical structure is what we call “Technical SEO” or the website content (text and images) they are all under the same umbrella name which is the on-page SEO.

On-page is the core of SEO, that’s why you may hear SEO experts say repeatedly “Content is king” which is true, content is information your website has inside its pages, and information is the most important part of on-page SEO because basically Google evaluate and rank your website based on how authentic, valuable, and important your website information is.

On-page SEO is also a technical part that takes efforts to successfully fix and optimize the website coding structure, speed, security, and mobile accessibility.

On-Page SEO Phase 2

On-page SEO Process

Phase 3 – Off-Page SEO

Contrary to the previous phase the on-page SEO the off-page phase is the optimization actions that take place outside of the website components. Its main objective is to help Google evaluate the website by providing additional “signals” for crawlers to collect and boost the website ranking position naturally. If an SEO company creates those signals to boost your website ranking, this is called “Black hat SEO!”.

Google uses robots to understand the website topic and its relevance to other websites, so it’s not a human whose first name is Google. Still, considering the artificial intelligence world we live in now, Google has advanced technology to read and understand the exact meaning of the website text and even images, and then when someone types to search about something on the internet google also understands the search intent.

Signals are what the Google algorithm depend on for understanding, comparing, and suggesting the best website to rank for the specific keyword search.

Off-page SEO signals are basically in the form of positive and negative signals, which are also known as Sentiments or market sentiments. Sentiments or signals that google analyzes and understand are how popular your website is on other website platforms on the internet, how people are reacting to your brand, and measurement of how positive or negative your website brand is on the internet is so helpful and powerful for artificial intelligence of Google search engine. So for example, if people or users are mentioning your website name in a positive way on social media website platforms like – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and many more – then this will create a positive signal for Google, and if it’s negative signals then Google will show these negative signals, or even ignore your website and mark it as an invaluable or redundant website.

Other types of important signals are backlinks or external links or inbound links 3 of them have the same meaning.

The whole search science is based on using authentic information, or authentic source of information. When users reference your website information, this adds more credibility and trust. And so your website will gain trust, authority, and ranking in the eye of both users and search engines.

This is what Search engines are competing at, they always want to be the best source of authentic information for searchers on the web, period.

Off-Page SEO Phase 3

Signals from Off-Page SEO Process

You don’t have to worry about Google algorithm any more, we are intellegent and experts with over than 9 years in search engine optimization.

Would you like me and my team to drive massive organic traffic to your website? Click the chat button or contact us the way you prefer.

Hamza Amireh, Is the Co founder of HamzaAmireh Digital LTD.

Types of SEO services

There are 2 types of SEO services that we currently provide, and they are:

– Google SEO services

Google is the largest search engine in the world. according to a study made by Statcounter from June 2021 to June 2022, Google has 96.03% of the search engine market share In Jordan among other search engines.

This means that online users in Jordan use the Google search engine more than any other search engine. So if you are targeting an audience in Jordan, then optimizing your website for local results on Google will drive you most of the traffic share compared to the traffic you can get from other search engines in Jordan.

Our Google SEO services focus on optimizing the mobile version of Google search engine, and the desktop version respectively, they are divided into 2 major services:

  1. Local SEO services, serving both Arabic and English languages. This also includes mobile optimization, and specifically local listing optimization for Google my business.
  1. Global SEO services, serving both Arabic and English language. Which are broader services that target users on multiple countries based search engines, for example optimizing your website for both www.google.jo and www.google.ae, to target users in Jordan and users in the United Arab Emirates UAE. Both global SEO and International SEO have the same meaning but international SEO is specific to online businesses that offer a product or services.

– YouTube SEO services

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google in the world. And is considered a social media search engine different from Facebook and other social media platforms.

According to another study made by also Statcounter from June 2021 to June 2022, YouTube receives 5.4% of the total traffic number of all other social media platforms combined together in Jordan.

Our YouTube SEO Marketing services allow businesses in Jordan to quickly reach their target audience inside and outside of Jordan. YouTube SEO can be a huge benefit for your business even if you don’t have a website, creating a YouTube Channel is free and takes only a few minutes to accomplish. Still, you need the technical part for creating your videos in the proper formats, the on-page or in-video SEO part, and also the Off-Video SEO part is crucial for Your content on YouTube to rank higher on the first page of the YouTube search engine.

Our YouTube SEO services include both the YouTube Mobile App and the desktop version, they are divided into 2 major services:

  1. Global YouTube videos SEO services, serving both Arabic and English languages. YouTube search engine optimization is best for a global audience, your brand message can reach a wider audience than just targeting a country-based local YouTube search engine.
  2. Local YouTube videos SEO services, serving both Arabic and English languages. It’s possible now to optimize YouTube videos

Our SEO Service Quality Levels

Our SEO Service quality levels are:

  1. Desired Performance Level (Reliability and Responsiveness): Service reliability is available almost all times 24/7. We have a good responsiveness service at the client’s request always with desired performance.
  2. Monitoring and service reporting: Performance is supervised and monitored by the best SEO Experts. A full Analytics Report will be supplied to the client upon his request to be agreed in the contract, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.
  3. Resolving Issues with the Service: Challenging issues can take place within the service process, as soon as it occurs, we will start the investigation. Issue resolution time-frame depends on the size and reasons for causing the current issue which will be resolved and fixed.

Benefits of SEO Services

The goal of SEO marketing is to improve the search engine ranking of a website for relevant search queries. This can significantly increase your website’s organic traffic.

Specifically Google search engine, people trust his artificial intelligence system for providing accurate information for their searching process. Whether searching for informative info, products, or services. According to a ranking analysis from Similarweb, Google is ranked number 1 as the most popular website in the search engines category in May 2022.

With the help of the SEO marketing services we provide, your website will receive a higher number of organic traffic, more website visitors means more engagement and ultimately more customers for your business.

Accordingly, it is more important for companies to use SEO marketing in order to have their own products and services appear in the top-ranking position in search results. In this way, potential customers can be picked up to enter the user journey funnel to possibly be your next client.

Our SEO marketing services help businesses gain exposure to relevant audiences when they are most likely to make a purchase or seek information. As a result, more customers can be won over a long time and your own sales can be increased.

SEO marketing results and effect on your website last longer than SEM (paid ads). Thus low cost than paid ads and higher quality results in the long run.

Industries we serve?

  1. Advertising & Marketing
  2. Arts
  3. entertainment & music
  4. Automotive
  5. Business Services
  6. Consumer products & services
  7. Dental
  8. eCommerce
  9. Education
  10. Financial Services
  11. Gaming
  12. Government
  13. Hospitality & leisure
  14. Information technology
  15. Manufacturing
  16. Media
  17. Medical
  18. Non-profit
  19. Real estate
  20. Retail & Others

Investing in SEO is what brings success to your online presence

Hamza Amireh, Co founder of Hamza Amireh Digital LTD.

Why Choosing our SEO Company In Jordan

By comparing our service company to other service companies in Jordan, based on service quality, customer support, service cost, company employee capacity, and company reviews. You can identify why we are the best SEO company in the region and specifically in Jordan.

The Company Service quality

The quality of our SEO services compared to others is measured by our accurate KPI results in the exact timeframe we estimate. Because there are more than 200 SEO factors to rank high on search engines, and because we have a decade of SEO experience, we are capable to focus on what is most important to your website and the level of competition you have. We avoid distraction when analyzing the website’s SEO aspects and we don’t over-optimize the website. This allows us to have much more accurate ranking results for your website at a lower cost and in less time.

On the other hand, and based on client testimonials of Our SEO company competitors, we found out that their service performance are less results-oriented than what we achieved for them.

The Company Customer support

Client satisfaction is the core of our business company, our client satisfaction is what kept us growing since 2013. Our client have the options to contact our SEO team at any time without a hassle. Convenient services, reporting, and issue resolution are what made our company stand out.

The Service Cost (Cost orientation)

Because we adopt the fair trade concept, we offer our SEO services at a very reasonable prices compared to others, staying away from over priced offers and tempting low-price packages that other companies have. Be aware of extra services not written in the SEO contract and get a full package for specific KPIs.

The Company capacity

Because we are a results-oriented company, we have less numbers of employees compared to others, but we acheive better results than others as we depend on quality experts and employees rather than just numbers.

The Companies ratings and reviews

We are not listed on Google my business for local listings in Jordan, because we are also a global service provider. Nonetheless we analyzed the reviews and ratings to our competitors on Google my business for local companies in Jordan and because we know employees at their companies, we found out that they use the black hat techniques to rate and review their own company to mislead prospects and create fake company values. Transparency is our company value and that is what we offer.

Efficient & Persistent Company Relationship

As an efficient & experienced SEO firm in Jordan, we believe in persistent business relationships. The requirements in SEO are constantly increasing. New disciplines and technologies are emerging, and new, disruptive competitors are jeopardizing traditional business models. Time and money are scarce commodities, The company works hard to establish and expand a long-term and trusting cooperation with your business as partners. The results are to achieve effectiveness and sustainable ranking on google as well as a high return on investment. That’s exactly what we want! We want to ensure the success of The customers.

Successful cooperation is not rocket science. Nevertheless, a lack of cooperation or failed cooperation is still part of everyday life in many companies. In the rarest of cases, a lack of cooperation is based on malicious intent. The company has SEO goals as a necessary success factor. The successful cooperation shares an understanding of SEO with a clear organizational framework.

Service Nature & Structure

1- Service Capacity: We have the human resources & the automatic SEO tools to provide the best results on the google search engine.

2- integration of the external factor: The service can only be provided if the client has the website and is present online.

3- Immateriality: The service is generally not material, not physical, and therefore not materially tangible (intangible).

Service Measurement

We guarantee consistently high-quality SEO for your website, this can be measured using the analytics tools provided for free like google analytics and google search console, daily or weekly or monthly improvements in performance are 100% measurable by looking at the analytical metrics that show the best SEO results and performance.

Best Service Experience

A creative customer/business experience added value to our digital agency in the past until now. We support the clients 24/7 to maintain the best results.

The Company thrives to assist your business to reach & maintain the best search engine optimization results on Google. The team of SEO experts & consultants is ready to provide unmatched SEO services for your website in Amman Jordan.

We have the capacity of experts who has the necessary resources & expertise to bring up their best optimization potential skills, for your website to rank higher on Google search engine.

SEO frequently asked questions

How Long Does the SEO Process Take?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long time process that takes a minimum of 3 months on average for your website to start gaining a higher ranking position on Google, you can expect to rank on the first page for some of a number of keywords at the beginning of the 4th month from the day we start the website optimization process.

How Much Does SEO Cost In Jordan?

The Cost of SEO in Jordan is between 500 to 1500 JOD per month. The average cost of an SEO package is 800 JOD per month, This is not a fixed price but can vary on each project’s requirements and size, you must calculate your ROI rate in order to have a convenient SEO package that suits your website type and size.

How To Calculate the Cost of SEO Package?

The Price of any SEO package is calculated based on the number of keywords you want to rank for plus the average monthly traffic expected from the KPIs we propose to reach after a specific time frame. This is useful for us and the prospective client to measure the return on investment (ROI) rate.

Why Measuring ROI Is Critical?

To answer this important question I’ll give you an example as the answer. Imagine your website sells 1 product, and each time your sold product brings you 10 JOD profit, that’s 100 JOD profit a month if you sold it 10 times, and here ROI comes into play: if you pay 100 JOD per month for an SEO package and your profit is also 100 JOD per month, then your ROI is equal to 0 (zero). You need to have a profitable ROI rate in order to make use of any SEO packages for you.

Which year was the company established?

We were established as a search engine optimization marketing company in Amman, Jordan in the year 2013. We expand through multiple branches in the middle east and international branches. We serve all types and sizes of business websites remotely regardless of the country and language, the experts have the broad skills that match your needs.

Last thoughts:

Let’s discuss & engage with your SEO website requirements, we are entrepreneurs in the field of search engine optimization. We love to hear from you and talk about how we can drive more organic traffic to your website.

Hamza Amireh, Co founder of Hamza Amireh Digital LTD