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Youtube: second largest search engine in the world

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Youtube: second largest search engine in the world

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After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. At the same time, the video platform offers new ways of online advertising and payment models. In the future, the advertiser will only have to pay for videos that are played.

In the so-called “customer journey”, the journey of the potential buyer through the sales world, YouTube enables the target group to be picked up even before the purchase is intended. Anyone who thinks of black magic is wrong. Mathematics and metrics lead to the end customer’s limbic system: the search behavior on YouTube is very different from the search behavior on Google. The visitor either wants to be entertained, or he is looking for support, tutorials or instructions.

Working moms are looking for solutions for uncomplicated workouts or yoga exercises. The viewer is certainly not ungrateful for a display in the area of ​​fitness tips on the subject of uncomplicated sports fashion. Drivers are looking for operating instructions for snow chains. Anyone who places an ad on the subject of winter sports here should be spot on. Advertisers can also push their videos up with targeted ads. A workout video for abs, legs and buttocks, and a push-up bra advertisement booked, will not fail to have the effect.

32 percent of YouTube users are older than 35, those over 50 represent the second largest target group. The younger ones are behind. This allows clear conclusions to be drawn about the income level of the users.

Anyone can afford YouTube advertising

TrueView Video Ads enable advertisers to advertise on YouTube even with small budgets. It doesn’t always have to be the YouTube masthead (attention-grabbing advertising on the YouTube homepage) at the price of an apartment building. With TrueView video ads, the budget can only be a few euros, and you are not bound to a booking, as the advertising service is bought in the bidding process. Budget shifts or adjustments to the bids are possible at any time. This is where agencies such as iCrossing can appear. Depending on the goal mentioned, budgets can be assigned very precisely to the right advertising channel.

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